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Privacy policies

2021-12-28 05:00:00

Here's how we collect and use your personal information.

Information we collect:

Names, surnames, email, identity document, login password. Too, if you are a legal person or company name 

Suggestions or concerns that you want to communicate to us.

The preferences that you configure when using this service.

Device identifiers to manage your user sessions.

Collection mechanisms:

We obtain your personal data through forms that you edit yourself, we do not monitor your activity.

We obtain user session data, when you or a client of yours enters a mobile application developed by FRESH AND SHINE CLEANING SERVICES, tokens generated by Facebook and Google are sent to our servers.

Storage place:

All the information we collect from the services mentioned on the Enlinealízate home page are stored on the Amazon Web Services servers located in Oregon - U.S.

Use of your personal information:

We use your names, surnames or business name to address you.

We use your email to notify you of the status of your billing, and changes in the availability status of this service.

We obligatorily notify you by email of changes in the terms and conditions of the service, and of the privacy policies.

We also use your email to notify you of news about this service, you can voluntarily cancel this type of notification.

The tokens collected from mobile applications are used to manage user sessions, identify the device, and send push notifications.

We do not share or sell your personal information to anyone.

Changes to the agreement

This agreement may change without prior notice.