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Our Terms and Conditions

2021-08-01 05:00:00

      1.     Service cancellations must be made no later than 4pm the day before your cleaning appointment, otherwise a fee of 50% of the total cleaning payment will be charged.

2.     The cleaning work includes two options: CLEAN OR ORGANIZE. Our service is based on cleaning; Additional charges will be applied when we must organize, order, or fix the places of the house.

3.     The clean service does not include wash the dishes. Cleaners are not supposed to wash dishes. They can put them in the dishwasher.

4.    We love pets. However, we must be informed in advance which animals are at home and how many there are. It will never be the same to clean a house with pets than without them.

5.     The areas to be cleaned are agreed with the owner or supervisor of the company. If any additional work is necessary, it must be previously required. Workers may not perform any additional work without the authorization of  the owner or supervisor in charge.

6.     About payment. This must be credited immediately upon completion of the work.

7.     In the case of not having been present and having any doubt, concern, or complaint, you must present it up to 24 hours after the service has been delivered and we will take 24 more hours to return to make the pertinent arrangements.

8.     Tips are not mandatory but are very appreciated by our employees. These must be delivered directly to the workers in cash. Please do not include them in the payments for service.